narcissistic fraud

Everyone believes your great,
They keep on telling me so,
Expertly you play the part of their mate,
Sweet childishness and humour overflow,

Always and forever craving the whole room's attention,
You get it anyway you can,
Louder and louder desperate for the world's approbation,
So you can feel like their part of your clan,

"We love your dad, he's so funny,
You must of had such a great childhood,
He makes us laugh, always bright and sunny,"
They have no idea its an act of falsehood.

They're not there when you suddenly turn the switch,
And all the clowning stops,
Then you react to my smile as if a soprano is singing off pitch,
You stare at me like a cyclops,

They're not there when you shout "shut up!" ,
Sneering faced and so proud,
Making everything inside me clamp up,
The sound of my own breath then feels too loud,

They're not there when you sob for hours,
Shaking from head to toe,
Asking to hold you in arms of ours,
Whether we wish to or no,

They're not there when you claw at our hearts,
With deliberate thoughtfilld hating words,
Destroying us all with your practiced arts,
Using guilt and shame depleting us slowly by thirds.

They don't realise that all your fun and laughter,
Is all just a friendship show,
In reality you mock curse them for being dafter,
But tragically they love you so they never know,

You're self-made authority on every the subject,
At home you always forcibly dictate,
Apex of everyone therefore due all respect,
Insurgents you will haughtily berate,

Then a few new friends graciously ambled into our life,
Quietly observed you the one dominant in every gathering,
You were revealed without even a hint from your wife,
Their parent too being alcoholics in us they saw their family,

You hate that they know you've lied,
You lost people sympathy and you lost their respect,
All that's left now is your pride,
You narcissistic fraud! for sanity sake from you I disconnect.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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