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A broken vessel beat-up day-by-day / have no heart .
There’s nothing quite like the smellOf the gym’s weight room at 12:10 on a Tuesday night,Sweat rolling off in torrential waves as worrieswander away into the air vents.  
count blessings and look to the stars  for once the broken silence is ours broken only by our tear drops; and the sound of crying wolves  the anger always stops  and the courage all dissolves 
Hunting another calloused hand to hold I became lost in worlds of temptation, Used for beauty, hollowed, taken & sold To the pursuit of my validation.   Growing my muscles, both body and brain
"Batter Up!" Is what they say, when you set up to stand before the field of play. I never thought I'd see the day, The day I ran it all the way.   I made it to first base, I had won my first race.
Life is tough. Life is rough. So get up and show your life who is stronger. We should want life to be longer. Get up go to the gym. Get Slim. Be Happy Be a little Sappy. Dont be weak
Run that extra mile, Pick up those and move them to that pile. Keep up that pace, The goal of this is to finish your race! You look tired, you seem sore But you have to keep giving it more.
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