Batter Up!

"Batter Up!" Is what they say,

when you set up to stand before the field of play.

I never thought I'd see the day,

The day I ran it all the way.


I made it to first base,

I had won my first race.

But there was no time to celebrate,

On the next play I had to make haste.


A perfect bunt was layed down,

I ran to second before I took the round.

That was my first mistake with the girl on the mound,

She threw that ball before I could turn around.


I refused to let her stop me,

That's why I ran to three.

But they weren't going to give me that base for free,

I went back and forth until a path was paved for me.


With the ball overthrown and me on base,

I decided not to get greedy by staying in place.

But then I looked at the plate,

I only had one more base.


I knew when the ball was struck,

I would not get stuck.

I took off running after seeing it fly by the grumps, umps,and trunks.

I automatically knew I could proceed without luck.


Softball is awsome, softball is life.

When I'm playing softball, I know I'm living right.

Everything is awsome when you have softball in your sight!

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Our world


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