Trust the lord

A broken vessel beat-up day-by-day / have no heart .
through the mist of my confusion as you call met by name you set me apart -turn down by society in the everyday rat race /I find it hard some days to even show my face . threw out my pains and all my self-inflicted sorrow / I hear your voice call my name pull me out and get me through tomorrow. troubled heart it doesn't have to be this way/. I have found a love restoring power that is here to stay.. as I meditate on your truly caring love / you restore my soul you set me free like a dove .. call upon the Lord and from him hold nothing back/. God is faithful enough promises to get us back on track . bitterness envy stritefullness fear doubt all out the way / oh heavenly father I thank you for your mercy and teaching me to pray...

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Our world


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