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Some people don't value good companionship, But they miss the company of someone when they're alone I hope you won't let this happen to you
Reflection of I When I look at you I see parts of me I fight to accept You remind me of that little girl in me Although when I see you we don't exchange words, there's something about you
I write with the gentleness I want through others support,  I write with the reassurance I want when I feel I fall short.    Poetry can listen in ways people cannot, It is a written way to organize a thought. 
Life isn't all that bad. We talk to each other; complaining of our difficulties, perhaps exaggerating a little to help us feel better.   It works, for the most part.   After all,               misery
When it seems I'm alone, I'm not, I have my mind, And my soul, My morals, My life, To look back on, To hold tight, To introspect with, To think of solutions, I'm not alone.
  For what is a heart if it is not brave?   What is it for   if not for feeling   the courage to invite every stranger   into Its home   To
There is a strange peace in loneliness,
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