Reflection of I

Sat, 10/19/2019 - 19:15 -- Narly

Reflection of I
When I look at you
I see parts of me I fight to accept
You remind me of that little girl in me
Although when I see you we don't exchange words, there's something about you
My heart gravitate towards
Every eye contact we make and yet exchange no words
Leaves my heart yearning with what “ifs”
When I look at you
I feel that you can redefine my image of self love
I don't have much expectations for u and I
My heart makes me feel a genuine love for u
A love that has infinite possibilities
I don't know where we will end
But I feel that we should start with a simple hello
My heart yearn so loud for your company
I pray that these feelings
Lead to great things
I pray to quench my feelings by giving it its remedy
Maybe it's you at this time

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