Company for Misery

Wed, 03/23/2016 - 03:41 -- Milena

Life isn't all that bad.

We talk to each other; complaining of our difficulties, perhaps exaggerating a little to help us feel better.


It works, for the most part.


After all,




                    And trust me, we have all been miserable. We've felt like a

                       husk, nothing left of the happy, silly, fun loving person

                                  we were (Or, at least, we wanted to be).

We've felt hollow,

           wishing our shadow could swallow us up,

because even though we felt bad,

                      there might have been comfort hiding in that vast,

           seemingly endless void of dark.

                                 Or, if not comfort,

                      then at least a point where we could curl up and be swallowed.


                                                    Then we could hide

                                                 f    o    r    e    v    e    r    .


But then,

that one person came.


They sat beside us, or talked with us, or simply smiled.

They might have been

                                     our parent,

                                     our sibling,

                                     our friend,

                                     our teacher,

                                     our neighbor,

                                     our perfect stranger.

It might have been for only a           s-p-l-i-t           second,

but that one simple act made everything seem okay.


Oh, it may not have fixed our problems,

but it helped in a way we couldn't explain.

And it was okay.


Althought the dark may seem deep,

                                                          and safe,

                                                                         and sound,

                                            have you ever noticed how pretty the light is?


So yes, misery loves company. But maybe the true company misery longs for is love.

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