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I just know exactly what it feels to hold guilt.  Right when I turn to you  eyes hurten, throat grasping for air.  How dare you betrayed me no substance I'm my own excuse for my abscence.
I' ma lover, not a fighter, I said it all the time, Keep smiling, push through, ignore it, I didn't even realize, That wading through life like this was the fight, Checked in the mirror, but I looked fine
Your Cathedral Sized Heart By PUNCH May 2014   PERHAPS A thought of never seeing you again found me reaching for this pen
White washed walls orange groves basement halls hidden coves all these places hand in hand we played our hearts out departed land   And in this dream world I am not lost
I go to sleep waiting to dream To get away from life everything seen Fighting each other they love what they see That's what they want beg and bleed for some feed Oh well I'll just start slanging some weed
The city of L.A What’s so wrong about it you might say Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the fame No, it’s not all the same What you see there is just an illusion But nothing has come to a real conclusion  
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