Numb and Blind

I just know exactly what it feels to hold guilt. 

Right when I turn to you 

eyes hurten, throat grasping for air. 

How dare you betrayed me

no substance I'm my own excuse for my abscence.

Cant you hear the tense when you listen to my song ? 

.... Wait a minuite , but I mean hey 

Who do you know when you need to know it all? 
Only yourself .

You are no friend to me , you are not my enemy.

Cliche of me to say, " Your like the weather people changing.".

I'm going to steady evolving and revolving .

I see myself in different coast , re-arranging. 

See , a part of me was never in you , I always looked Out and About.

Now I dance the globe the world is my runaway. I can look and feel

a persons' vibe. It's a gift and a curse as if I'm numb and blind.


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