Your Cathedral Sized Heart

Sun, 07/10/2016 - 18:49 -- PUNCH

Your Cathedral Sized Heart

By PUNCH May 2014


PERHAPS A thought

of never seeing you again

found me reaching for this pen

happens to be happening as it happens

So before this fourteenth floor collapses

sending down astounding showers

of brilliant crystalline smithereens

sweeping hyper stylized embers

the debris of fleeting steel beams

amid cinders of calamitous glamour

scraped off scraps

Life rendered finally worthwhile

though the trapdoor

landing nicely

piled up crap

beneath the streetlamps

ransacked careers of ramshackle tramps

from this ambling example

preamble of pavements

Rambling through in the damp

a disturbance of no further pertinence  

than the distance

to the curb

an impermanent fixture

mixture of vanquished branches

disfigured twigs

abandoned stick figures

bittersweet literature of cigarette litter

liberally discarded

by disheartening six figured BIGWIGS

departing even bigger limousines

remarkably parked

fancy cars outside even fancier digs

where we figure

without your signature

I’d never see admittance

above the ground floor

never found me worthwhile

worth of even more

than permanence

behind some penthouse door

the fourteenth corridor

of the TenTen Wilshire

floors where my stuff was stored

always  at your leisure, signor


Never saw me flattered

or made you the matter

of so much more

not our tremors

of laughter

traveled several floors

the rock and roll hotel

Implored us to quell

disturbed those decrepit neighbors  

rather crabby old whores

bores asked us not to laugh

didn’t arrive fully formed

with dedicated personal staff

weekends never slept

wasn’t a deficit tallied

on a dance floor concordia

or room service receipt

nowhere we consorted

evidenced by sordid sorts of company kept  

no museum or evening per diem

or pied-à-terre residence

ever measured all you meant

all those spaces we went

all those places you paid for

and never did visit

all the alchemy of balconies

an allowance could rent

ever made you affluent

and better than money  

could never be spent   

no roof top swimming holes

nowhere only the young people

know where to dance

where the whole of downtown

holds the grace of your soul

addresses already crumbling

those aren't the numbers

written of stone

NO, what so brightly shown


a LOVE starts to tell everything

swells from deepest well springs

brings together every part





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