Where I'm From


The city of L.A

What’s so wrong about it you might say

Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the fame

No, it’s not all the same

What you see there is just an illusion

But nothing has come to a real conclusion


Little girls having babies

The rich ones spreading their rabies

Momma’s looking for money

“We’re not hiring anyone, honey”

No money, no food, no rent

Might have to go live under a tent


This might be an exaggeration

Especially to this generation

But even though time passes by

Poverty and death still come by and say hi

Gangs terrorize neighborhoods

Need a bit more money to get their goods

Children walk to school

On their way, they start thinking that smoking is cool


Not everything is bad though

Honored families still find a way to get dough

No guns, no lies

Just pure sacrifice

A small community in a big city

To some it causes some pity

They say “Oh they’re all just minorities

They don’t have any priorities”


But, we all stand united, we’re all like a crew

Never understanding why bad rumors come out of the blue

We seem like the poorest of the poor

The reason why we are treated so low

This isn’t right, this isn’t fair

Try to make our voices heard, but they don’t care

It’s time for a revolution

Right now it seems like the only solution

Violence is not necessary

Peace protests are even more scary

A city with a great amount of diversity

Full of wonders, full of complexity

A city where both good and bad exist

That is where my real home is

It made me the person I am today

And that’s all I really have to say

Because this is where I am from


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