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With the desire to know she is heard,
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
He’s so cute He’s so caring But best of all He loves sharing   From flowers To showers I spend all my hours Wanting to be with him   From thick to thin
  A wide open field filled with bright green grass surrounded by forest, a large pond, open to adventure.  calmly walking, exploring, thinking.    The sun kisses my skin
It only took but a moment, For those planes to crash. All those innocent lives went, And the people turned to ash.   It only took but a moment, For their wedding to occur.
stragley hair that won't straigten  freckles that makeup can't cover up chapped lips  "oops I broke a nail" uneven toes too small of eyes stubby fingers "I'm not skinny enough"
I am in love with love. Loving the ones who aren't afraid of love, whereas I, I am afraid of falling, not in love, but out of it, running out of it. But that's the thing about love and fear;
at a crossroads, where the roads diverge into a yellow wood
  His words beat the pain away His words dried my tears His words comforted my atmosphere His words are how I get by
What a pleasure it has been and time and time again I was for you to bring me to   A place we call our own where our story will be sown upon the ground of love
Everything comes in good time,             and time is money,             so does good time cost more? You pay upfront for your toxic asset that will always depreciate
When your lips fall upon mine, the feeling is divine, a spark starts a fire and my doubts fade away. 
She gripped the rope Step off, Let yourself fall She already knew how he felt And knew how it would end But she had to try Had to take the chance Though there was no chance How fickle love can be
I can't begin to understand Your depression, Isolation. But I can understand How life leaves you raw, Unable to feel, Numb. You want nothing more than to feel Something, Anything,
It’s when i’m happy that I feel less than inspired.
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