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Roses are white                                  Roses are red                                      Roses are pink                                   
  There was A time  A moment A wish  A promise A love that was made under the moonlight.
Often around, When you was small, Low birth weight, ear operations,  You went through it all.   Life became normal, For you then, Infant school calling, Forever grinning.  
Dear... Whatever Her Name Ends Up Being, I know you love National Parks.  You love at least one sport, deeply.  You love breakfast food. You love your job.  You love dogs or cats. 
As I sit here, I begin to wonder, "How can this world so easily cast me asunder?" Falling Victim to all of the pressure, and a pain so deep that none could measure.
"Grounded, you can't go out!" I heard, he didn't have to shout. "You can't go to the prom!" I think, he should take that up with mom.   Dad slammed the door shut, off to work
As the sun slowly rises  And gently wakes me with the touch of its ray, 
I place my hands in yours, for you to call it your own. When your fingers interlock with mine I am not alone. So I behold with you the feelings of togetherness, our hands holding tight;
great people die by making no fuss, ordinary people cry and make out fuss, but let us not make any of the either, No flood of tears too.   Earthquakes bring up destruction, and men calculate deaths,
I never knew strength until you held me in
You think no one loves you, but it's untrue. I am the one for you. Open your eyes and see, see all what we could be. Close your eyes and make believe that the people who put you down do not breath.
Now days people don't care wether they hurt you or not. People only worry about themselves and what benefits them only. Being betrayed is not a good feeling.
As I look into this curved plastic reflection of what seems to be my unrecognizable face, contorted into a swirling ray of colors that bounce back to my eyes and let my brain register them as a faceless being who I'd be ashamed to know, I have to
Love. A term we hear so often, but have no knowledge of the meaning. They say with age comes wisdom. Does that apply to love?
A flower so rare So unique Said to bloom once a life time Through tender care-of Mother Nature, it grows- Into the beauty of life The single sight The flower of a lifetime The sight of beauty
Small Dish, Short tines, Weaving metal vines, The doubt that fill my mind. Waiting, Wondering, If you will ever see? Or are you just as blind as me?
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