Often around,

When you was small,

Low birth weight, ear operations, 

You went through it all.


Life became normal,

For you then,

Infant school calling,

Forever grinning.


A younger brother around,

Fight and play,

Stick your chin out,

This was your way, hilariously.


Always a pleasure, looking after you,

No easier thing to do,

Confident and happy,

Are you traits.


Started to grow, 

More in character, than show,

Alone on holiday, without your mum,

Grown in resilience, and happiness, this was all good. 


Then came another slip,

Operation on your ears, it needed to be fixed,

So bloody brave during this time,

Very sad to see you decline.


Time went by,

Started to retreat,

Girls in junior school,

So bloody mean.


Happy to rome alone, 

My heart sank, telling me this,

You put on a very brave face.


That school,

no good for you,

Idiots, chav's, and lizards,

There was a good few.


Working hard,

Your GCSE's,

Mum putting pressure,

Still you didn't ease.


Years that followed,

A little disarray,

Courses, Work, 

Leading no where.


Still your character is upbeat,

BF's come and go,

Finding it hard,

To sleep. 


Hobbits & Food,

Reading & Wizards,

GOT and talking,

Is what you're into.  


Finally, on your path,

Law @   Leicester,

This is getting exciting,

Many friendships anew.


With much hustle and bustle,

Your out at your place,

Your with your tribe,

You've got your happy place.


Happy and Proud,

To see you this way,

You deserve what you want,

Just keep plugging away.












This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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