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change is juvenile by erika taylor   oceans rise, a species dies, and my home erupts in flame.   but it's with the Young,  all action and tongue, 
Dingy green metal Flecks of paint flaking off like dandruff Corners set in stagnant water, Leechy muck in the slimerot of the shadows Little door slides open with a screech
Cycle! Recycle, man! Do not throw away stuff. Used items can become new ones. Cycle!
Reduce! Reduce garbage. Less waste is lucrative. It lowers disposal spending. Reduce!
I hope you are okay after  we poured bleach down your throat and gave the last few sips to the Great Barrier Reefs   I hope a mother’s love  can withstand the pain 
Though I am free, You could enslave me Like a master that enslaves scholars. Though I am resistant, You could poison me Like a predator that poisons its prey Though I am tough,
I took a walk into the trees, Alone and without fear. The wind whistled through leaves, A song that was just for me.
Three StepsI don't want this architecture degree,the $60,000 debt and 90 hour weeksjust so I can get the jobthat will change my life.No.I want the job
It floods in,fills up,crushing,hungry.Dragging, panicked.Whose hands?Mine.One. Two.  Three. Four. Five.
I dream in Green I dream in shades of emerald and jade I dream in trees In plants, in mountains And sea
What do you want to be when you grow up? When we are young We don’t think much of the answer It is too far away-
I stretch my span of wing, in the air once again My senses are heightened, carefully I listen; Silence. I fly over forest, why is the green so thin?
A child of the spring, just like me, we grew together. With each passing year, 1, 2, 3, I came to know you. On every birthday I could see how we had changed, and I loved how
They call me Coltan. It’s short for columbite-tantalite, it’s my formal name, better get it right. I could sue you for it, asshole. I’m worth a lot of money.
Every time I open to a page. My heart breaks. My mind aches. I want revenge. I see another dying beauty. Because of man. Because of demand. I want revenge.
In this world of thorns and roses Deception creates reality's balance Here lies a cup stemmed from overflowing greed Rather cage the bird than watch it fly.
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