I Dream in Green

I dream in Green

I dream in shades of emerald and jade

I dream in trees

In plants, in mountains

And sea

              The world around me is gray


I dream of a different reality


Far away there is a world

Sprouted up from the ground by

Likeminded dreamers

They created an alternate way of life

A haven, where they are one

I dream of this place

In the dark night

When all I know is the black and white

And gray of reality


Here, people live as one

With their world

With their community

With each other

They had a shared dream

And they built it

From the bones of destruction


They are my heroes


But there is more to be done

To know is not enough

Not when our world is broken

And drained

And so I will learn

I will read

I will explore

I will live in this place

And I will bring my knowledge back

To my gray world


Because we can make a change

And the sacrifices, they are worth it

It pains me to see us giving up

When there is so much to gain

And little to loose


I dream in knowledge

I dream in education, in teaching

I dream in wisdom

Because caring for our environment

Should not be law

But choice

A choice for our families,

Our communities,

Our children


Because gray is never enough

For those like me

Who will forever dream in Green








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