The Courage to Transform

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When we are young

We don’t think much of the answer

It is too far away-

A distant future of no real importance

But as each year passes

The question inches closer into our consciousness

It sneaks into our mind and gets comfortable

For the long road ahead


What should I be?

What do I want to do with my life?


For me, there was never a question:

A writer

Always and forever

I was born to write

But at sixteen a new query

Took up residence in my crowded mind


What is my purpose?

What was I put on this Earth to do?


Do any of us really know the answer?

Maybe not

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn't try


So what job would transform my life?

For me it would be to help transform the lives of others

To find the courage and wisdom within myself

 To make a change for the greater good


While writing is my passion

The environment is my conscience

I see myself surrounded by walls of blue sky

And carpets of meadows

I want to pass on my love for nature

And my respect for our world

I want to help people find it within themselves

To say no to the conformity of consumerism


My purpose as far as I can see it

Is to use my writing to aid the Earth

And it may not be easy getting there


I will need to learn

I will need to find the courage in myself

To open my mind to a different way of life

I will squint into the horizon of the past

And melt it into the present

I will learn from teachers I meet along the way

I will mend my way of looking at our world

And I will encourage others to do the same


With all paths to goodness

There will be opposition

But I will find the courage

To believe in myself and my cause

And, most importantly, I will never give up





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