In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grass
and threw the sewers under the city streets.
It swallows the minds of innocents.
It rips into the lost souls.
It lurks behind every corner, every avenue.
A harlette sends out her mating call in her knee high boots.
A teen of beauty engulfs the fog grey smoke into her charcoal lungs.
A man with a poisoned drowned liver destroys the family in his home.
A tortured veteran lies on a cardboard box in an alley, 
with a rubber snake that sqeezes his left arm thin,
and a shot of it travels through his veins and into his heart.

It sits upon branches like an owl,
Silent, still, watching so intently with its big, dark, eyes.
Its sinister.
It peaks through your window at night,
At the crack of evil and the edge of sanity.
It's that time, oh yes.
That time you awake every day
That time between dark and light
And you sense it, you feel it trying to ravish your mind
trying to capture you, kidnap you, hostage.
No, it creeps through your window and lives in the corner
stays there, stuck, fixed, marks its spot
Now it will always be there,
It will always be 2:15am


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