Pain of Surviving

                                             took control

                                           it took it's toll

                    on you and everyone around 

                     with bloody fists you pound 

         against the walls,against the ground 

                       are you the last to be found?

                                    are you even found?

     the words they say to you don't comfort 

                                           instead they hurt

" what you went through I can't even fathom"

  "the pain you went through,i can't imagine" 

                                as if I needed reminding 

       like I didn't know the pain was blinding 

      like i wasn't the one they took in binding

    against my will, didn't go without fighting 

                          it was me they were refining 

                   the memories were all so abiding 

                                        and all so confining 

                         like I could never escape and,

                               to that there's no denying 

              and my capters were always chiding 

                          with a whip and with wiring 

                      to stop my whining,and crying 

                         others said that it was inviting 

                        that later I would be thanking 

                      now its later and I'm still dying 

                                               they were lying

                    said my resistence was admiring 

                                  but useless, no it wasn't 

                      I'm free now but never fearless

        I still have scars and an inward sickness

                      It will get better this I promise 

        I'll still have scars but they'll be callous 




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My country
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