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Humanity knows nothing, and everything is a question, from the insignificant to the minutely less insignificant, like why did I have a bad day, and why does the universe exist.
I wait Wait for the final accolades Instead life hands me a hundred promenades Promenades of infinite choices Appearing in my head as infinite voices
when people think of viepoints they belive theirs is the best with all their hearts, they succumb to the norrowness of their views they scream and they cry they swear that they will die
The minds of this generation Are twistedBullying and tormentingWarp the brain Thought processes Become muddyParanoia settles inThe walls creep closerAdolescents get nervous
I am just me. I have nothing to hide behind these two curtains of mine.  My eyes see all these fake people just barely surviving. I am judged because of my opinions, when in fact they are the truth.
Haiku   Freedom to express Invigorates the suppressed. Love's blind, not distressed. 
What makes me tick I haven't hands or a face like a clock Just gears in my head slow and steady whir and buzz   What labels on those gears, dear
When did it become so wrong?   Despite our desperate need to be strong?   Crazy, weird, spazz, freak   Strange, stupid, loser, geek.  
Why doesn't the heart and the mind work together? Even though the idea of such sounds so cleaver, it never happens that way.
Cut out your fear and aggravation
Young minds, Greater minds Sometimes a little hard to find Steadfast and they infuse Thoughts full of voice and and full of virtue Young Dreamers, Eyes open Always awake to this world, Never miss a moment
Sitting in my seat; doing so alone. They say smile, be kind, and make new friends. Tell me, admin, how easy that was for you. Tell me, teacher, how to smile in a room of strangers.
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