Tainted Minds

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 13:51 -- King_G

Why doesn't the heart and the mind work together? Even though the idea of such sounds so cleaver, it never happens that way. see everyday there are complaints about fate and how it never sends anyone good our way. If fate had a sense of humor it would probably laugh in our face. See our minds are so tainted by what we see on the TV and in the magazines that we wouldn't know a good thing even if we see it with our own eyes and the lord screamed "THAT'S YOUR GOOD THING!!". I mean it seems that the ladies only pay attention to the cash flow,and men only need a pretty face and a fat ass though. But what ever happen to beauty being only skin deep. And what ever happen to love,loyalty,and honesty? See our minds are tainted and painted with a picture that doesn't really seem to make the future any clearer. But I ask why reject him because his pockets are empty? what ever happen to getting to know the inside of me? Or why reject her because she doesn't look like Beyonce? Man Beyonce probably don't even look like Beyonce,why not go beyond what they say and think for yourself for once? You see this tainted mind is what has the world messed up. Do yourself a favor spend some time with yourself and find out who you are,and what you really need...don't let a tainted mind tell you what to believe.



like the picture nice touch. second to last line, you wrote your instead of you....and i am detecting a lot of rejection based hatred....I like it


Thanks for the feed back..and the correction 

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