anxiety attack

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The loud noisein my eyesin my mindRoaring and growling The noise won’t stopIt haunts and tricks medriving me to the edgeof insanity. Over and overWhat if?What if?What if?
Dear Life, The hand of cards you dealt me. It's been tough  Anxiety, panic attacks a hospital visit for it Why can't I be normal? Is it that I'm so smart that I should have these flaws?
As I walk into the room, I put my head to the floor Their thoughts and expressions im trying so hard to ignore What people think of me is a burden I always bare Im shaking with nervousness hoping they don't stare
My world is crashing, I start to cry. I feel as if I’m going to die. My thoughts are racing, I cannot think. My life’s a mess, a tragedy. Heart starts pumping, I cannot breath.
A small bottle A brush  Heavy paper   Covered in crevices    And teeth           Pressure       It takes pressure
Skin, vibrating with fear of the unknown.   Lungs, heaving shaky puffs of air.   Eyes, shifting side to side looking for an escape.   Fists,
Nobody tells you about the utter destruction your own mind can do to you It chews up everything you come into contact with You think you can go just one day without the cages coming down on you?
Eighth grade: The first time I remember feeling That attack of anxiety consume me Making my heart freeze, my body tense, my mind frantic.   Like a storm it passed:
Last year, I thought I was getting smaller, but, in 2017, I've been standing taller. My friends and family have been there when my anxiety has been too much to bear. Anxiety has been there in the beginning,
We are all just trying to find out place in the world. From being overtaken by demons, To becoming free men, We all share a moments of weaknesses.
The air feels thick and there’s a weight on my chest. It’s getting harder to breath has seconds pass. Not matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get the weight off. I am now struggling to breathe.
It's like an earthquake. The world shifts around you, Shaking your heart, shaking your mind, Shaking your control until it crumbles away Leaving you both helpless and defenseless,
The day is like any other day At least it starts like that But then the weight in my stomach drops like a dead weight And I know that this day will be anything but OK.
Say no more, because the raven says, "Never more". Tis I who has your tongue, now you shall stay silent. The numbered days are no longer numbered. Hush. I'm not all the way here.
The guy by the popcorn stand proceeds to where I stand here.
Two steps, quick look. Smile. Count two, three. Faded frown. Four, person number five; skip the next pace. Scour the hall; fearful to see his face.   Imgine, still. Burning hazel eyes;
Slam.  Mommy is lying on the ground. Daddy threw her there; I saw it from behind The wooden banister which I wrapped my stuffed snake around  Only three hours before. 
My name is [gasp] a soft percussion of wiggles, delicate worms crawling into skin thin kisses, so you’re not at all suspicious when I carry in your ribs bids on who the lastonelaughing [is]
debris made of stardust trinkles past the cracksin my fingersbroken, jagged jigsawsof velvet skythat flows to my eyes hidingbehind my open handsin a makeshift shieldagainst the nature
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