Anxious No More

Last year, I thought I was getting smaller,

but, in 2017, I've been standing taller.

My friends and family have been there

when my anxiety has been too much to bear.

Anxiety has been there in the beginning,

but I've hidden it past my grinning.

I thought I could contain it,

but it took me apart bit by bit.

However, my mom saw me one day,

when I felt astray,

She knew just what to do

when I had no clue.

She hugged me and cooed,

telling me with a sense of gratitude 

of what I did in the past.

The accomplishments I amassed

with my parents' expectations surpassed.

She told me that I was not alone, 

with all the friends and family I've known.

They are here whenever I feel like this,

slightly off and amiss.

They got their arms open, 

with their love and devotion.

Now I recognize and apprise

the value of family and friends likewise.

I am not alone to deal with my anxiety,

I am not alone to deal with it silently

because I have people there

with their love and support to share.

Last year, I thought I was getting smaller, 

but now, I have people that get me stronger.

This year, I feel taller

and my anxiety is no bother.

I am stronger to the core,

I'm anxious no more.


This poem is about: 


Domingo Rodriguez

I made this poem in reflection to times when I felt so nervous about school, my future, and of my fears. This is because the strongest enemy in life is yourself. My anxiety gotten me to underestimate myself, to underestimate my accomplishments, and to underestimate my actions. Anxiety made me feel like I was useless to myself and to others, This recounts what has helped me get to this point in my life, and I am still grateful for those that were there for me. I made this to emphasize with others and to share what helped me in my struggle against my anxiety. 

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