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crushes and jump ropes eviction notice and financial loans  saw a bike in the store window  the immediate thought of the price tag  walk away and continue life  can you continue while being hungry I found the correlation between working hard and g
There is a rich Wall Street investor Who is a digital wealth master. One day, crypto prices rise, Thinking that selling is wise, He lost and faces a sequester.
I used to believe I was a strong, free spirit, but now I realize how small of a token I am in this nation. I will work until I die, making money for a government that doesn't care,
Financial Freedom  
No one else Under its scrutiny Its light Because you are under it All of your faults on display Just out there Exposed And for EVERYONE to see But you must show them
Whenever I open up ISIS That's the website for our finances I see thousands of due charges   It seems cruel for them to do this When all I've ever wanted to do is
I am Bill Gates At least I wish to beileve that's true A high school drop out with fantasies that explains If he can do it I can do it too
Down the ground lookin' so low All i want to know will I go high, so high that I cant touch the ground? Stuck in this cage with ties that i cant abound I want to be more than this with my uniquness
  A never ending line of bills Needing to be paid at the end of the month Debt is in the trash bin. Poverty is as stifling as the Miami heat on a Summer's day. How can I make it? How can I go on?
They're selling "dreams" for the price of your soul. Wrapped in pretty green paper,
7:20 Late, herded into a room deprived of civilizations air, Filling my brain with the mans gloom or so we all presume.
You stand at the board and you sit at your desk  You only care about deadlines and scores on my test  You mark up my papers, you stay after class You couldn't care less if I actually pass 
With so many things I wish I could say, to all of my teachers day after day, I cross all my T's, and dot all my I's, to get a good job, so I won't serve fries. Enough with Macbeth, or Chaucer's old tales,
Education issomething all of us agree is important.Yet all over the world and in places we dare not gomany are ignorant without it.The lower class, African Americans, and women
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