What I Wish I Could Tell a Teacher Couplet


With so many things I wish I could say,

to all of my teachers day after day,

I cross all my T's, and dot all my I's,

to get a good job, so I won't serve fries.

Enough with Macbeth, or Chaucer's old tales,

why not finance, So in life I don't fail!

Why not teach me how to jump start a car?

or change a tire, so I can go far?

Teach how to put down payments on a house,

or maybe how to keep a happy spouse!

Teach me more things I can use to succeed.

I'm eager to learn if you take the lead!

When lesson plans are stiffer than hairspray,

the art of learning begins to decay.

With youth so desperate to be great,

teach us what we need before it's too late!









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