Any Questions?


You stand at the board and you sit at your desk 

You only care about deadlines and scores on my test 

You mark up my papers, you stay after class

You couldn't care less if I actually pass 

You're stuck in a system, you're walking on ice 

When your boss takes a look you act extra nice 

You're following rules and standards and scores 

You run through the drill, you lock all the doors 

You cut and you glue and you waste district ink 

You give less than a minute for our minds to think 

Move on with the lesson, let's get through the hour

Is it really so wrong to give the students more power? 

You ask if there are questions in front of us all 

But I'm really too nervous to be picked on or called 

Take a little more time and get up from that chair 

Ask me some questions, find out if I care 

Learn how I tick and what makes me grow 

Try learning 'bout kids that you think that you know

You stand at a board and you sit at that desk 

Do you really care if I'm doing my best? 

And when you ask if there's questions, make it sincere

Cuz there's students like me who have lots you should hear. 


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