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It always seemed that the clock would find a way to reset. If the clock eventually stopped working. Well , a stranger always seemed to have a watch. If there wasn’t s stranger handy ....
  day after day    i  try to communicate  yet i never seem to succeed  week after week  i try to meet expectations but never hit the mark  year after year      i fight with the school to get the help i need
We deserved  being pecked by birds; losing our sight then fumbling by night. Did thou know our life's been put to bad use? Because of our actions, many we lose. Our missing toe and heel
We all have wishes and dreams and goals But are any of them about trying to feel whole I am adopted by a single mother And I feel like there’s an empty space from a father  
 I must admit I am quite compelled,This path doesn't seem to fit me,Wondering now if I can turn around,Trying to make sense of this,Intoxicated ,Oh these stories they kill me,
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