Missing Moments

We all have wishes and dreams and goals

But are any of them about trying to feel whole

I am adopted by a single mother

And I feel like there’s an empty space from a father


I have never truly thought about it until today

When I saw a friends dad come my way

He grinned very wide and leaned in close

Talking to my friend mushy while she turned white as a ghost

She then whispered some words of embarrassment

Which I didn’t know quite what she meant

I laughed it off and told her dad how much she loved him

And he leaned over pecking her forehead on the brim

He soon had to leave exiting towards the door

When he left I felt my heart spill and pour

I wished at that moment I could have been her

Because that peck was so pure

He had showed so much love and affection

That I wished I was in her situation


I have no earthly pap, father or dad

This in many ways makes me quite sad

I’ll never to experience what it’s like to get that meaningful kiss

That looked like a moment of sweet bliss


I’ll never have a dad to teach me about boys

Or one to buy those little toys

Who will walk me down the aisle?

Or help me every once and awhile

There will be no father daughter dances

Or those offers of different chances

My missing father will never make me laugh

Or be there to comfort my broken half

There were never bed time fairy tales

Or teach me through the struggles and fails.

There will always remain a gap in my heart

But I know my mother can help to fulfill that part.


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