Because We Were Afraid

We deserved 

being pecked by birds;

losing our sight

then fumbling by night.

Did thou know our life's been put to bad use?

Because of our actions, many we lose.

Our missing toe and heel

undoubtly still pains us a great deal.

Sister, canst not thou have pity on us;

who can blame us for what we've done?

Before you joined our family,

from Miss Tremaine we used to run.

"Pick at her hair! Critizes her dress!"

Mother wanted you to feel like a mess.

"Make sure she feels miserable and make her weak!"

You should know we'd rather smite our own cheek.

Concerning the prince, we didn't care for him at all--

we're frankly relieved he met you at the ball.

But alas! Mother wanted us to get him; she wanted us to care.

Even though, compared to you, the prince saw no one more fair.

Then came the day the slipper must be fitted.

Our big feet didn't make it in but mother didn't want to be out-witted.

So she took out a knife, told us to cut off our big toe and heel--

made it seem like fitting the slipper was a great deal.

The prince burst in, he learned what had taken place.

Fortunately for you, you could not be replaced.

So you and he were married,

and because we cared for you, to your wedding we tarried.

But what a pity for us -- your birds didn't like us.

Blind went our eyes, for they pecked thus.

So we beg of you sister, 

let us stay at your palace.

For we've mourned over our works and know we deserve the karma for working mom's malice.

P.S. We can't possibly live with that woman!

Anatasia and Drizella


This poem is about: 
Our world


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