America Muslim religious discrimination

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At a point in your life god is gonna be a word No different than mustard, couch, bagel At a point in your life god is No longer gonna be a word No different than love mercy justice prayer
i have never really felt enough of anything, just mere bombardments in the pit of my stomach relinquishing all things glorious 
Life is not sitting in your room Afraid to step out the door, Afraid of the world at your fingertips, Afraid of opportunity, afraid of change.   How can something so beautiful, be so cruel?
In the eyes above We are all the same Connected by love and life On this earth we remain   Our faces may be separate When walking through our lives But our emotions run the same
once upon a time...We hear in stories as we grow up the wonders and astounding lives characters live, but when your town is bomb ridden and full of careless rulers, it's not a matter of a happily ever after, it's 
Freedom is tangible as glass stars. While it shimmers and shakes under the sky, It burns quickly, flickering out as dusk rises.   Beneath the ashes the small ones scream, Filing into the streets below, 
With cold and calculated heart and mind; A man who lacked remorse for other men, Twisted the sights of those walking behind, To turn them to a life of sheep and hens.
Dear White people,Your Cheeto man is in office;How does it feel?Isn’t it great?I mean, like oh my god!This country is yours;Congrats!  
Thank God he's a Muslim, the archetype of scapegoats-- an impeccable paradigm of the un-American American See he's fit as the source of any evil, any vice that we cannot but insist on rationalizing,
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