Land of the Free

In the eyes above

We are all the same

Connected by love and life

On this earth we remain


Our faces may be separate

When walking through our lives

But our emotions run the same

And our souls are intertwined


Those who exist

In the lands afar

Where people are distanced

And forced apart


They can’t see the difference

The unique edge of our souls

They all feel broken down

Their stories untold


But should they ever come over

To this land of the free

We should welcome them gladly

True to their selves they should be


We should accept one and all

As our forefathers intended

We should help and provide

Thus the broken hearts will be mended


Skin and race do not matter

Religion is simple thought

Combined they make us who we are

No one should be what they are not


So we welcome one and all

To the land of the free

We surround everyone in the warmth

Where they’ll be all they can be

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My country
Our world


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