At a point in your life god is gonna be a word

No different than mustard, couch, bagel

At a point in your life god is No longer gonna be a word

No different than love mercy justice prayer

At a point in your life religious is gonna be another word for mad

Religion is no longer gonna be 3 books 3 prophets 1 god

Not a relationship thicker than blood not a message that Mohammed had to endure for that Moses had to fight his fears for that Jesus was born for

Religion is gonna be grey

 it’s gonna be a skyscraper bowing to the 7 skies while its burning down to hell

it’s gonna be flags

 it’s gonna be numbers

 it’s a gonna be a date in your calendar the date his mom died her dad died their son their brother their daughter their sister



God…. god is gonna be a shadow

 god is gonna be the punchline the word god

 is gonna be a church

Somewhere along the line you are gonna have to discover what the word faith is gonna mean

 your gonna have to rediscover what is the synonyms of god is it merciful or 9/11 is religion’s antonym peace or war

A long the line we will rebuild that skyscraper out of words we are gonna choose whether to build it on the word freedom or peace choose if we should paint it black or green paint it red or silver paint it blue or red we are gonna rediscover what every word and color mean

we will let the bodies rest in peace

we will no longer dig into that ground looking for ashes we will no longer mourn in black or reds

A long the line you are gonna have to rebuild that skyscraper you will have to rewrite that day you will have retell this poem

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Our world
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