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Do you eve
Hey you! Stop right there, Those are the five words I never fail to hear. In the hallway or inside the classroom, If a teacher sees you in an outfit a little out of dress code, you are very much doomed.
Yes, I value my education. That's why I'm always asking questions that you never answer. Yes, I am African American. I might not be as golden colored as your favorites, but that doesn't mean I'm ratchet.
To My Beloved Chris,  Something about you makes my heart race  That's why I don't want this to go fast-pace  You are on my mind all day,  During all hours of sleep, work, and play  If you don't want this anymore I'd understand,  But please let me
ay teach why do you do what you do u say your not found of kids but your choose to teach them deadlines, you get mad if we don't reach them but take forever to gradeour work why punish the whole class
the motto use to be no kid left behind. so you tell me one thing is it me or are they blind. 30 kids one teacher now who can do the math. everybody need assistance but he can barely help half.
Don't think i'm the guilty one, when your impressed with status. You can't ruin the abuser, when hes wrapped up in silk, a royalty in high school, while i'm just the pauper who cried wolf.
To the Teacher Who came in Ten minutes late to first period Because your car Broke down. Whose lesson plan is a last minute mess because You recently found out your husband is cheating.
Walking through the hallways, a million things going through my head Some of these classes made me feel dead Most teachers care, some don't Because it's only money they want.
I'm barely holding on, I'm slowly letting go of this thing called reality, that's served its final blow I can't keep fighting, I'm not moving forward if anything, backwards, from this unrealistic torture
It hits hard like a stick on a drum it tears things apart, leaving you numb waiting until you're vulnerable, it takes you by surprise then striking fast it takes the ones, that were always by your side
this isn't my home, it's a temporary hell but I won't stand here and say, "Oh well" I'm sick of this life, I'm sick of this pain I'm tired of living, I'm mentally drained
The daily torture you can't escape the fearful days you have to face when you walk in, they all stop talking when you walk past, they all start laughing you sit alone everyday
YOU By Brittany Simon   You see my name but not my face You see my grade but not my state You hear my voice but not my words You hear the words but don’t know a verb
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