We hurt too

Fri, 10/25/2013 - 10:35 -- rkculp

Don't think i'm the guilty one,

when your impressed with status.

You can't ruin the abuser, when hes wrapped up in silk,

a royalty in high school,

while i'm just the pauper who cried wolf.

Who else will you overlook?

He hit me

you don't believe me,

Let the marks on my face be false evidence

She commited suicide

you don't believe her

Yet another day she is marked absent

He's failing Honors

you write him off as unimpressive

But he comes home to fatherhood for his three siblings

Don't you see,

we aren't just attention deprived drama queens

Theres problems in the youth,

but you do nothing but shake your head at the elements of abuse.


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