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English v. (b/c only English and Spanish are allowed on site :( ) Crowd becomes a galaxy,            Ten thousand suns,            Ten million worlds,come into existence.
  growth: forced, quick, and sudden. The first born; I am made to showcase possibility, hope, and opportunity.
Not smiling at smiling me from the DMV. Not watching an R without all of the PG. Not even checking the squares of democracy.  
What is it to be seventeen And grow up wishing For abstract things What is it to be seventeen To not know who you are But know who you’re not What is it to be seventeen
Most Birthdays, I weep. But not 17   When I was thirteen  I cut my hair too short, and got that camera I wanted and I wept into my mothers shoulder because I didn't feel fufilled.
She lies, And she does it so easily, She hides, And she does it so sneakily, She rips apart hearts,
Six hospital visits: One for my baby cousin, Two for my sister’s knee, Three for my faulty lungs. Two writing competitions: One that I won,
twenty sixteen and moved out at seventeen seventeen and get my own rent paid seventeen and grew my eyebrows out and slayed seventeen and moved to another state seventeen and two jobs, full plate
Dear 17, be gentle with me actually, scratch that bring on all the craziness and intensity i'm ready to spend nights curled up on the floor crying kicking and screaming at the notion that life isn't fair
17 and Screaming17 and FreakingNo one warned me about this feeling.
How dare you ask me who I would be without all these stereotypes?  Don’t you know that society has already defined me. Don’t you know that because I am female my main goal is to be beautiful.
Seventeen means I’m too young It means I’m on the bottom rung It means I’m just a kid Who needs to keep a lid On her beliefs Because it might cause someone some grief To know
While your young, your told to live a certian way People teach you how to talk, what to say Everyone looks, judgement in there eyes. People talk, but all you hear are lies. Noone can tell you who you are,
I've only had one boyfriend -we went out for three days, he liked me but I didn't like him back. I only said "yes" so he would shut up during History class  
Her belly grows and grows, but nobody knows. Sweatshirts are too small, the inevitable becomes apparent. Waddles through hallways, up flights of stairs, back aches.
Tell me the difference between Being in love with someoneAnd being in love with the idea of love.  Well, I'll tell you. 
Why did you become A teacher when you hate It so much? Coming in at Seven in the morning makes you Mean. Answering questions leaves you cross, But it's your job, so what is the issue?
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