What Is Seventeen

what is seventeen, no one seems to know anymore,

is it the age between sweet sixteen

and the phrase most of you know as legal,

is it the magazine that I used to love to read

when I was in the sixth grade,

in five years will I tell stories of when I was seventeen

like the show that used be on mtv,

is seventeen the number of days that I missed in the fourth grade,

a time when I didn’t know what 17 squared was, 289,

is seventeen the number of teachers,

that have tried to help me out with my grades since then,

or is it the number of teachers that thought I was a good kid,

until they looked at my grades

and wondered how it was the same student,

you might assume that 17 is the number of Fs i’ve gotten,

but you’d be wrong, the number is too low,

for some people, 17 is the number of years people spend in school,

how, I can barely handle 13, and don’t even get me started on 14,

people think seventeen is the last chance

I have to change my decision,

of what do I want to be when I grow up, but it's not,

very few people can say that the job they have right now,

is the same job they knew they wanted when they were my age,

6 months ago, when I turned 17,

I wanted to be a therapist, well thats in the past,

is 17 the number of tests I wish I didn’t have to take,

we should put it up for debate, 17 is a forgotten age,

like, my whole life is on the line,

the things I do now will follow me for the rest of my life,

7 things I don't want to do, one thing I look forward to when I wake up,

4 things i’ve already wanted to be, 2 things I will never be,

and 3 things I don’t even want to talk about, why is it like that,

I can’t decide, not to mention i’m a girl,

if you ask me what i want to eat,

it might be a while before we go anywhere,

hope you’re not too hungry

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