Growth- Glow Up, Grow Up Scholarship Slam


growth: forced, quick, and sudden.

The first born; I am made to showcase



and opportunity.

I am impressionable, and anything my parents want me to be.


growth: unwarranted, unfathomable, unforgiving.

The first to do anything, I am

a test subject,

a trial run,

an experiment.

The path is set for me to exemplify excellence and nothing else.


growth: glamorized, celebrated, expected.

The oldest of three, I have to make decisions as

a role model,

a leader,

a teacher.

I was thirteen when I learned that I couldn’t ask for help.


growth: mundane, tiresome, brutal.

I make my own decisions to


I make my own decisions to

identify as myself.

I was seventeen when I taught myself that my parents weren’t good mentors.


growth: eternal, unending, enduring.

Each lesson brings new challenges.

I level up with each experience.

I am tired, I am hungry, and I want to rest.

I was twenty-five when I looked at myself again.

I am older. I am wiser, to extent.

I am older.

I am growing.

This poem is about: 
My family


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