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it started so sweet, i actually thought you cared about me. but now i see these were things you wanted me to believe we were living in a fantasy, a world of make believe full of smiles and laughter,
Frivolous, and yet I'm strategic when I play chess,Trying to be honest and I'd be lying if I saidI'm oblivious and wasn't thinking of what happens next,I'm always looking a few moves ahead...
The white pawn Forever loyal on bended knee Sacrificed right to be free But he fights doubts dusk till dawn  
Life is like a game of chess, You have an array of choices for your next step. You have to take it turn by turn,
Dear Fate, Since the day I was born exposed to the empty canvas called life, that I was never in control of, we’ve been playing each other. Locked in a stalemate. I play as the mighty king;
I can’t do this anymore. I flip the chessboard off the table and stare at my brother’s shocked face. Everyday he asks me to play chess. Everyday I say no.
I was cut off from you, Though this was nothing new.  I knew it was bound to happen one day For I was just a pawn to play.  You used me for your own pleasure, And I thought you prized me as your treasure. 
Day one. The Year is born, boom! Fireworks gleam above shaded cities today. Years back, fifteen, to be exact. Beat. Mother's love? Pah! 2016 sends her away. Feel unhindered. Free, they say.
I don’t know who I am anymore, I can’t distinguish myself from my friends, Who I am doesn’t even matter, Because we’re all pawns in one giant chess board,
I must confess that to impress, my mind when I am stressed, With work and tailing, and tasks and outlines, I roll on with chess, hence without protests
A war of patience, A powerful King before death befalls him, Commanding fifteen He capures a dozen, before he is surrounded. He accepts his fate, While he honors a loss
What piece to move next!Contemplating if I should pick the short route or the longer, more rewarding one Twisting into the middle of the board Where the candy castle lies  
Lay here face to my pillow contemplating everything. Why’d I say that? Why’d I do that? What will I say tomorrow? What will I do tomorrow?
I am but merely a pawn on this chessboard of yours my King.
fucking brandy I'm not classy enough for wine begging on my throne for some wisdom we often look to the players to work their own feet but damn pawns can't walk
D4 my opening move
D4 my opening move Who could disprove? The power of thinking ahead This gives me much joy but others dread strategy and tactics an army of 16 The most powerful piece The Queen
Dorothy, This Isn't Kansas Anymore  
Life is like a dice game One move and comrades go down in flames But that's just 16 squares on the checkers board It's always queen takes rook, but the hand is lord A white palmed power ruling over the twin towers
 With great haste, the dark knight captures his foe Threat’ning the king, who’s turned white as a ghost. He escapes, but His luck is now His woe As His wife now falls, murdered at Her post.
 You admire chess In an echo booming society That’s out of the ordinary Extraordinary that you can
 Typical dork Sneaky,geeky Tutor, poet, plays chess Inside a normal teenager Misunderstood
Falling asleepTo your own bad poetryOf two yesteryears agoIs like the discomfort thatGrows when you firstRealize that you've madeThe worst of all possibleMoves in a chess game
Winning the High School State Chess Championship Ryan Breuer   I wake up, I’m thinking “today is the day”, I get on the bus having games to play,
As the whole world awakes to dawn’s first light, The battlefield prepares for a grand fight. The monstrous armies, assembled with care Assume their positions with dauntless flair,
I was always a pawn. And you were my king ordering me into battle.
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