The Stalemate

Frivolous, and yet I'm strategic when I play chess,
Trying to be honest and I'd be lying if I said
I'm oblivious and wasn't thinking of what happens next,
I'm always looking a few moves ahead...

I know we didn't start this game with intentions of dating,
but why make moves to get close without intentions of mating?

You know Knights move in L's, pay attention to spacing,
I could pose a threat and check you without breaking formation

controlling the board, bored enough to yawn others,
enchroaching, I'll boast, I'm getting closer than most
when breaking down your pawn structure,
disarmed lovers, it's all of us...
until we trade the least valuable pieces,
then, it's just kings and queens among us...

I didn't come here to lose after coming so close to the end,
worst case scenario, we pick and choose to remain as friends

Friendship was always the failsafe
Taking nothing less than a stalemate


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