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Little things. Little talks, endless conversations. Little laughs, great accomplishments. Progress, just two more steps. Balance, struggles. Shared interests, deep topics. Depression, stress, troubles..
Sitting With You #4 She is often forgotten.Left to struggle on her own.Her cries are silent.Tears are endless.If only you could hear her.If only you could feel her.She's kind and gentle.Like a little child.She fights her way through each day.Stand
I may not have a loud voice, but my passion speaks louder than any.  My passion involves others and helping them through hard times.  I may not have my degree yet, but I will stop at nothing to get it. 
I am here now.  It took me a while, but i am here now. I could've done it earlier, but i am here now. It would've been easier doing it then, but i am here now. So no need to pretend, or defend, why not then.
Hi my name is Fuck Up. I can't do anything right. I can't make anyone happy. And I'm never enough.  
Caruso’s party was filled with the same lunatics from last year.
Strange isn't it? The way we act so different behind closed doors when no one is looking. We can become our true selves, let our colors fly But why only when no one else is looking?
Now going into the new year I no longer know where to steer Afraid of what is to come because I'm constantly changing mind, constantly straining things changing so fast
Daddy please don’t look so sad,mommy please don’t cry.I am in the arms of Jesusand he sings me lullabies.please do not try and question God, don’t think he is unkind.Don’t think He sent me to you and thatHe changed His mind.You see, I am special a
Dear Shyness You with your Hesitance and Fearfulness I've got Courage, Strong as this Shell You'll be sent straight back to Hell   Dear Shame You with your Guilt and Blame
How do you love something  you can't see?
They look at the people like us and they laugh Laughs feel like attacks Attacks on walls that are already crumbling Crumbling like our self-esteem and our hopes and dreams Dreams that are fading away
He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
“Fourteen” by Alliyah Fabijan                                     I am              14     14           14                               14     14           14           14     14 14 14 14
My dearest best friend,
Underneath my left breast carved into my ribs in powdered jet 8.11.14 the day the happiest man alive killed himself and we all found out that he was pagliacci   La Commedia è finita!
Change is constant, but not for the world.
When the rest of the world seems like a movie reel Spinning incessantly Spitting useless nonsense Faster than you can process, But it's playing a beautiful picture You've heard
  Why do you judge me like you know me? What did I ever do to you? I just don’t understand How the people around me have gone so mad.   I did nothing to deserve your hate.
The world in a perpetual state of distraction;
Hey, there It's not over yet And this I can swear Don't fall into your own net I will stand by your side You will not be alone This is what I decide And we will go into the unknown  
People that are lonely You are not the only There's always one who has it worse The world is diverse
Look at yourself As I look at myself You are not normal And I am not normal Impossibilities Why ponder about these? Look at yourself Look through yourself And see what there is
Tears stream down my face, as I break once again. I haven't felt this fragile In a very long while.   You hurt me. And I remembered today.   You took from me.
Who am I? What am I? What have I become?   Angry. Bitter. Alone. The darkness withheld  forcing me to succumb.   Will I get better through the talks?
Somebody once told me that Life was like clay, no matter how much you fiddle around with it the clay will eventually harden. What did they mean?   Somebody once said that Life was beautiful and
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