Tears stream down my face,

as I break once again.

I haven't felt this fragile

In a very long while.


You hurt me.

And I remembered today.


You took from me.

From me, what was mine to give away.

I hate you more than these words can say.


But, I want to beat you,

To destroy you.

To take your privacy and kids away,

I want to abuse you

I want hurt you,

I want to give you what I got.

But I will not.


I will beat you.

I will be strong

I will be good

I, me, I will win!


As tears stream down my face

From all that I have lost,

I know who is the winner and

Who got pleasure at a high cost

My innocence lost,

And- Your power gained,

But while you indulgently took from me

You gave up your worth,

Desperate and alone

I trusted you.

You're sick to the bone.


I fought you then

And I still do,

Every moment,

Once again,

Against the ghost of you.

Without ever throwing a blow

I'm fighting,

I'm nearly broken too.

But even so

I am strong enough to say,


Fuck. You.

As tears stream down my face,

I hate you.

Fragile and shaking,

I am strong.

Curled up without embrace,

I will prevail,

As the tears dry on my face,

I will win.


And you will lose.


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