The People Like Us


They look at the people like us and they laugh

Laughs feel like attacks

Attacks on walls that are already crumbling

Crumbling like our self-esteem and our hopes and dreams

Dreams that are fading away

Fading away like the smiles we try so hard to fake

Faking and praying that no one can see

See that we aren't as happy as we should be

Because it's not easy

Easy is a word that we haven't known for weeks or months or years

Years of torture

Torture in the form of these dark thoughts

Dark thoughts that haunt our nights

Nights turn into days

Days pass and nothing changes except amounts

Amounts of pills or amounts of cuts or amounts of hate

Hate towards the world

The world that has been so cruel to us and has given us this curse

This curse that is like a nightmare

A nightmare that is still there when we wake up

We wake up and cry because we wish we were dead

Dead are our hearts and our minds

Our minds filled with screams

Screams that plead for an escape

An escape that comes in the form of death

Death that could've been stopped if we'd just been given a little help


This poem is about: 
Our world


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