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Life is unpredictable. At times, we'll be amazing. At times, we'll be on top of the world. At times, everything will go as planned. But, at times darkness fills our lives. Challenging our sanity,
When I was 15 I lost my parents, My mom and dad is in heaven now, Sitting up in the clouds watching me everyday,
Who am I? I can’t tell you even if I try I want to be the real me But if you look then you would see All the hurt and pain All the lies and the crazy times It all was for his gain
Waking up to selfish bliss Unknowledgeable of the worst crisis Hours passed, time went by A knock and a note sent my angel to the sky   Violent crash, a quick pass, he nervously replied
<3 The stormy weather of my heart is a passage way to a nightmare. A dream never to be forgotten. It's as dark as the blackest hole; lightning that strucks you, paralyzes you to another galaxy.
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