The Lost!


When I was 15 I lost my parents,

My mom and dad is in heaven now,

Sitting up in the clouds watching me everyday,

When I be Flawless through the day,

Playng basball through the spring,

My dad seeing me being the king,

Doing good in school everyday,

My mom loves me even this day,

Being Flawless is my way,

I never give up,

I never just play,

I work hard until the end of the day,

Making my mom and dad proud of me,

Is my Flawless way,

I cry at night,

Staring at a picture,

With me and my parents,

Smiling away,

Just remembering the good times,

Is upsetting to me,

Laughing when mom tickle me,

Or playing catch with my dad,

My memories stay alive,

Until the end of time,

At night I prey over my bed,

To tell them good night,

My Flawless ways didn't come from me,

My mom and dad help me be Flawless,

Flawless through the days until I die,

I keep moving forward,

Because Flawless is me.





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