As it happened. . .

<3 The stormy weather of my heart

is a passage way to a nightmare.

A dream never to be forgotten.

It's as dark as the blackest hole;

lightning that strucks you,

paralyzes you to another galaxy.

You'll feel lost;

not knowing where to go,

not knowing what to say or do.

You'll shiver after every memory.

You'll feel alone,

scared on what to do.

You'll see everything differently.

Your life will change horribly.

You'll realize life isn't a fairy tale,

but another version of hell.

You'll see shadows

grieving in tears of blood. 

And the devouring flames burning your heart away.

You'll wish to forget.

You hope the rain will wash it away.

You want them to believe.

but they just betray.

Every thunder you hear,

is the cry of the lost,

the cry of the lonely,

and the cry of the scared but strong :)



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