One Day Closer


Waking up to selfish bliss

Unknowledgeable of the worst crisis

Hours passed, time went by

A knock and a note sent my angel to the sky


Violent crash, a quick pass, he nervously replied

Hand in hand, her daughters cried

With sudden sickness, a striking loss of hope

Three lost souls cut from their rope


Me, the newest of the three

Grew weak at the knees, I couldn’t help but plea

“Tell me it isn’t true; you know we need you”

Now more than ever, my childhood was through


Just yesterday we laughed at the same comedy

Now a broken family, left without harmony

Give me one more day, it’d cherish it

For memories fade, your heart in mine is always lit


Woke up to reality on the next,

If I wasn’t a believer, I’d seem to be hexed

Until a simple sweet saying, my mind pondered to

My last words, “Goodnight Mama, I love you.”

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Don't ever give up hope, feel lonely, or unworthy. God has a plan, just listen. The situations we face are not problems, because problems can be solved. We are only placed in situation we can handle, so don't give up a chance that God is giving you to be a stronger, better you.


When I realized that last conversation I had with my mom, I was very thankful to have that last goodbye. God is good.

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