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Let me mend myself, my soul is wholly broken. Let me dig out my honour, someone just buried it deep. Let me reawaken my pride, I just can't let it sleep! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
How long will the bench be our home? No one else is here, I'm sitting alone. Put me in coach, I'll do the best I can. Make us a priority, I am our biggest fan. Obviously, its not an easy choice.
  I'm afraid to fall into my emotions, scared that the pain is too much, won’t STOP.   I've been weak, but remarkable strong. If I hold this emotion in much longer my heart will STOP.
Your parents came to this country  leaving a world of hell behind. They folded up their dreams into a package, and sent it with themselves inside, to a new world.
    Let the drops glissade fiercelyAnd blaze their trail unrepentantly.Bless them, that they may bleed with no contradiction. Oh please,Do not let them be licked awayBy the hasty tongues  Of public decency and decorum,Pride and chauvinistic conven
Woman, Girl – Lift up! For far too long your shoulders have bent forward from the weight of the despair of injustice, inequality, mistreatment, ignorance, devalue, degradation and disregard.
Next time I look in the mirror, I’m just gonna try to see me Not some superficial image of who they want me to be. If my eyes are deep dark brown, that’s what my momma gave me If my lips are kind of full, well
Like summer cockroaches they come out hot & defiant - scattering swiftly in all directions. Breaking free from decency
She is that bright array of sun-kissed color out in a field of green, orange and red and purple hues growing for no reason at all.   She is
You sit on the concrete slab in the hot sun. You live there, it is your home.  
I run from the room, the wing whipping my face and stinging my already red eyes. You never think it will end up wrong, you only feel it when you get there. I sit under the tree, and my stomach is sore from the sprint.
I do not have the time of day to play your silly games. There is so much more that I can live for. So, I will just get up and go. Your humor is bone-dry and you try too hard to be the nice guy.
Today I fucked on a letter you wrote to me a long time ago What it means? I dont know. But you wrote about Our garden.
I am a girl. I am a woman. My sex is girl. I am powerful. I am worthy. In this man made world, I am sturdy. I will not let you look at me any less than you look at yourself. I am amazing. I will NOT LET YOU BELITTLE
They call me "Homeless" but don't care to ask my name.I prefer "Street Dweller" 'cause the streets are my home. 
I love poetry Almost the same I love you. Living life thinking of it Without you, poetry is The only I got to express my love.   I vibe your grief, Telling me how hurt you got.
Conception. Two cells coming together to create one new being. A small precious person growing, living. Compacted with purpose and potential in a tiny figure, so soft and sweet.  Ready to make the future reality.
Music is my voice Lyrics are my words A mermaids rejoice  In a broken world  My infectious laughter pollutes the air Jumping in imagination With love and hope everywhere Creating inspiration
Quiet, they say.
Started my day before sunrise Started my day after noontide Started my day at witching hour 16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour   Started my day with sarcastic smiles
That whisper. That whisper. Distress. Suppress. That murmur. That murmur. Mortify. Fortify. That cry. That cry. Duress. Redress.
You can't build success just on swag That's like going school in a trash bag You can't party all day sleep all night You must work to your best just to make it right Sure you can walk with that hint of sauce
I like how you tell me,in so many removed terms, that I'm falling apart -- as if I don't know it's wrongto savor the scent of my sweat, or I'm not awarethat my house is the line
"Am I too fat?" "Am I ugly?" "Am I pretty enough?" "What is wrong with me?" "There is something wrong with me..."
When dreams long since are spent and broken- when a weary people can no longer wait- they will rise up, rise from raisins and sores and rotten meat, and they will speak.
i watched my seemingly spotless slate get covered in dust my disgust for the skeletons left in my closet sit like green throw up on a golden plate the gates of hell unleash unholy gases
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