A Woman Is...

She is

that bright array of sun-kissed color out in a field of green,

orange and red and purple hues growing for no reason at all.


She is

that first breeze from the a/c cooling your neck and making you catch your breath, gulping it in on the hottest of summer days


She is

that sound of sizzle - fresh on the grill, sending up smoke

and wafting out that tantalizing scent that makes everyone stop, look and wonder: Who? Where?


She is

the answer to the equation you worked out all night long,

only to see the obvious answer right in front of your eyes


She is

an ocean – deep, vast, all-embracing, unrelenting,

inspiring, refreshing, filled with sustenance and life


She is

fierce, awesome, rousing, brilliant, glowing, necessary

yet, demeaned,

disrespected, belittled, downtrodden,

rejected, unappreciated, taken for granted, underestimated,

ignored, overlooked, insulted, injured
aggravated, assaulted

a storm – brooding, tumultuous, unpredictable

like rain – lulling, calming, soothing


She is

desperate, self-assured, afraid and fearless

scattered and focused, certain and doubtful


She is

strong like a tree against the wind

bending but not broken

because she knows

she is real.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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