To all the ladies out there searching for love.

Sun, 06/16/2013 - 11:38 -- Jendi

"Am I too fat?"
"Am I ugly?"
"Am I pretty enough?"
"What is wrong with me?"
"There is something wrong with me..."

The world practically tells us that women beauty is synonymous with hair, face, breast size, waist size, thighs, and weight.
We drop dollars at the gym, buy body enhancers like push-up bras, use $50 foundation, yet it's still not right.
If we act a certain way, party every day, and limit our self-worth to that of an object, then we can feel the acceptance that we're constantly striving for.
But what happens to your soul and to your heart?
How does the world’s definition of happiness make you feel?
Why are celebrities, who have money, and everything they could ever want, still dissatisfied?
What girls really need isn’t all that expensive, and you don’t need to be a size zero to have it.
It’s the voice inside our head that assures us we’re beautiful.
It tells us that we’re worthy of greater things.
Our behavior attracts respect or no respect.

Quit complaining about how “men want one thing” if you’re trying to meet your husband at the club.
Where is the modesty? Where is the respect?
And modesty doesn’t covering every inch of your skin!
Without respecting ourselves, it’s difficult for anyone to respect us.
As women, we have undeniable strength that surfaces when we believe.
This is beyond standing up for you believe in – this is living out what you believe in.
You’ll never find Love in meaningless hook-ups, drugs, alcohol, and vanity.
Quit searching.
Your destination is closer than you realize.


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