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So close yet so far, to freedom and death. Freedom from hurt, pain, abuse, chains, bruises, tears, fights, cuts, offensive words, breakdowns, loneliness and depression.
I resent you because you resent me because I resent you. I love you because I hate that I hate you. I'm angry with you because you're angry with me because I'm angry at you.
You want me to hide.
  Silent casket Letters fill up the basket Lay out the fallen prophecies
These are your hands and This is how you tell the world you’re not all bad These are your wrists, those are your scars, This is your story This is how you dodge the shattered glass around your feet
Sometimes it occurs to me That everything I struggle with Is because of you You will never wear a welcome mat As well as the porch steps And now I struggle To answer my front door
From Your Father: I was not raised to be what you need. I will never love you And I left to spare you that pain. I was never ready to be your father, And so I chose to never be one to you.
When life throws shit at you You can’t stop and feel blue Keep your head up and just push through
The stage is brightly lit; All eyes focus on her. She's daintily astonished by the enormous crowd;
You tear apart your family, You make me want to die, You can't accept the unplanned, You're the main reason I cry; Why do you do these things? I may never know, But I wish I could pour sense into you,
All my life, I have been searchingSearching for that affectionThe love that I never received I know my father is deceasedSo you're a single parentYou've been searching and dating to find a man that loves you
Oh honey, lock the door on the way out, and shut those windows, keep the daylight out! We don't want scary strangers looking in. Oh and stay indoors, rapists will snatch you in
You are supposed to be here,  You are supposed to care, Not just sitting there watching tear after tear, You are supposed to help, your supposed to mend, Your supposed to be my very best friend. I grow older,
Another night in sorrow, In pain. Fighting, yelling, and arguing, Seems like it never ends. The simplest things seems like they become more complex. Tension grows. Love dozes off, disappears,
   Wrap your fingers around the bottle, another sip,another swallow. Try to keep your shaking hands still, as you try to down the pills.    Welcome to the land of numb, nothing hurts,nothing's fun.
Family. What is implied in that one word? It would seem the world stakes a lot in it. That it is the all-encompasing. The all-solving. The Holy Grail.
17 and scarred4 years of a hellGroup of friends to hardly none Drama spreading faster than wildfireKnives sharpened and reused on someone else's backBlame being pointed everywhere but the source
These walls cave in on me. With every 'You will never be anything'. I have lost the understanding of what a hero is. Times before we could laugh and speak. The house becomes vacant, even with everyone there.
Mommy and daddy, we were the perfect family. Except there was no daddy back in the day. Mommy had enough of it, but daddy was always out of it. Picture perfect family, there's only one person in the picture daddy never wanted.
A girl and her family sat on a wall, That was the bridge that connected them all, The dam that allowed for happiness to flourish Mistakes to be blown off Smiling family moments could be captured
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